Thursday, July 24, 2014

Season 1, Episode 3

Pennsylvania State University, State College PA #1


Airdate: April 20, 1963
Repeat: July 20, 1963
The Limeliters: "The Bear Chase" (Jack Linkletter intro)

Will Holt, the Limeliters' Lou Gottlieb, Maybelle & June Carter.
The Limeliters:"Western Wind"
The Carter Family: "Sun's Gonna Shine"
The Limeliters: "When I First Came to This Land"
The Phoenix Singers: "The Music Train"

The Limeliters: "Yerakina."
Will Holt: "Lemon Tree"

The Penn State shows were taped during the first week of April, and were probably the final TV work of the original Limeliters in their prime.  The group, only four years old, had been working unceasingly with concerts, recordings and television (including dozens of commercials), and now Glenn Yarbrough bought a schooner and planned to sail around the world.  Lou Gottlieb and Alex Hassilev would pursue their own interests, even though they continued recording (with Ernie Sheldon) as the Limeliters for another two years.

For all his professionalism, host Jack Linkletter was not immune to mistakes, and he made two in this show, both involving first names.  He referred to Maybelle Carter as "Marybelle" (or maybe "Mirabelle"), and when introducing the Phoenix Singers, he called Ned Wright "Nick."  Apart from that, it's a sprightly show with the added treat of hearing Will Holt sing his composition "Lemon Tree," which was already on its way to becoming a folk standard.

The Phoenix Singers.

No kinescopes are known to exist, but we have audio for nearly the entire program.  Enjoy!

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